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Our team includes industry professionals who have been always looking for innovative ideas for years


Our team includes professionals in the sector who have been always looking for years
of innovative ideas
Ivan Barrea.jpg

Videomaker & Video Editor

Ivan Barrea

Born as a passion at the age of 16, after undertaking the cinematographer course for Rai I learned the knowledge to develop a dream locked in a drawer, I launched myself as a freelancer and transformed a dream into a job that I love, passion, dedication, creativity and from what the people who have known me say, also crazy and fun.

I'm passionate about details and always looking for unique images, creating emotions is my specialty, whether it's a wedding or a corporate video... well I don't see the difference.


Videomaker & Video Editor

Marco Lirini

I'm Marco and I've been a videomaker for several years now; I take care of the entire process of creating a video, from the planning phase, to filming, up to editing and color grading.

My training as a cartoonist and illustrator allows me to tell reality through images, with particular attention to that detail that makes the difference, to that moment that makes an experience unique.

I am always looking for new shots, shades of light that make the compositions original, letting the stories themselves reveal themselves.


Videomaker & Video Editor

Ilaria Negrini

My name is Ilaria and what was initially a dream born from a great passion began with my studies at the DAMS in Bologna, which was followed by months of practice at the School of Cinematography in Florence.

I have always been a creative person, and this gave me the push to transform what was once a hobby into a profession: Video Making.

I don't like being in front of the camera, but I like to impress every single emotion, story, experience, letting the images speak and tell every nuance.


Drone pilot

Massimiliano Baccolini

A wedding, a corporate or event video, an advertisement, a tourism video or a documentary: there is no case in which fantastic shots from above do not add something magical to a production in compliance with regulations and safety procedures .

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